Looking for something new? Tell us what you want in a media and we have the expertise to turn a dream fabric into reality… 

  • 0.5 ,1, 5, 10 micron absolute medias  

  • Support structures up to 25 Micron

  • 3D medias for more surface area

  • Multi-layered depth filtration medias

  • Smooth calendaring for absolute ratings

  • Elastics fabric production

  • Pleat-able - Using patented Spun-Blown® technology, 5K Fibres can make pleat-able fabrics in almost any fiber size and basis weight required

  • Stretched fabrics for strength, hand, dimension, activation, drapeability 

  • Solution spinning

  • Spun-blown filter cartridges

  • Polymers: PP, PLA, PET, PBT, PPS, Nylon, Vistamaxx, Kraton