About Us


The Past


This history of 5k Fibres starts with its parent company Biax-Fiberfilm. Founded in 1975 by Dr. Eckhard C.A. Schwarz, Biax-Fiberfilm has engineered and manufactured nonwovens production systems for customers in the United States and Canada. These systems transform plastics and other solutions into very fine fibers and convert them into fibrous nonwoven roll goods in one step. Dr. Schwarz invented, patented, and manufactured high performance machinery for the nonwovens industry.


Over the past 45 years, Biax-Fiberfilm performed hundreds of R&D trials for customers interested in creating various types of nonwoven media. "Prove that you can make it, and we might buy a system from you" is the business model Biax subscribed to for many years. 


This experience led Biax’s leadership to the realization that while trials often result in successful media creation, customers don’t always have the financial resources or concise business strategy to justify the purchase of a full-scale turnkey system.


With that, 5k Fibres began to develop. With the concept of using our knowledge and our own systems to act as product developer and roll goods manufacturer for companies looking to outsource fabric production.


The Present

After 28 years as President, Dr. Schwartz turned over the reins of Biax-Fiberfilm to Douglas Brown in 2003. Douglas has more than 32 years of experience with Biax-Fiberfilm and is confident that with our existing meltblowing and web/film stretching technologies combined with new ideas currently being developed in our R&D Department on biodegradable microfibers and submicron fibers, Biax-Fiberfilm will remain an innovative company that would make Dr. Schwarz proud.


The COVID-19 global-pandemic sparked Biax-Fiberfilm's leadership team into action. As the world ran into a supply shortage for a unique kind of filtration material, Biax-Fiberfilm expedited its plans to form a roll-good production division.


Enter 5k Fibres.


Years of process knowledge (a handful of really smart and experienced engineers) and a commercially-viable production system on hand allowed a 2 year start-up plan to be undertaken in less than 1 month. 


5k Fibres was born to support a global pandemic, and will continue to do so far beyond the last time the words "COVID-19" hit news headlines. The next time the world needs an abundance of N95 masks to control an infectious disease outbreak, there will be a better backlog of supply thanks in large part to the efforts of 5k Fibres.


5k currently produces enough filtration material to create over 8 million masks per day, and will double that capacity by the end of 2021.


The Future 


As the demand for N95 material returns to its equilibrium, the original vision for 5k Fibres will prevail: to be a manufacturer of custom nonwoven media for companies who need help with product development, and who want to outsource nonwoven production for a variety of applications.


Our equipment is capable of producing nonwoven media of countless classifications, but our focus remains on manufacturing premium, high-end fabrics with medical, filtration, and other advanced industrial uses.

Biax-Fiberfilm remains as an in-house machining and fabrication shop, as well as support for our global customers who now own our equipment and want to maintain it. While we continue to accept a small amount of orders for full-scale nonwoven systems, 5k Fibres will allow customers the opportunity to acquire the material needed for their next product innovation without the upfront cost of a full-scale system. That is where we thrive. Please contact us to discuss any system or material needs you may have.



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