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Spun-Blown® technology produces materials with strength approaching that of spunbond but with fiber size similar to meltblown. It is a Biax-Fiberfilm-owned patented process.

Spun-Blown® fabrics have a wider fiber size distribution than traditional meltblown. This makes a better filter media by capturing more particles while having less pressure drop. 

 In Spun-Blown® fabric sub-micron fibers are naturally co-mingled with big microfibers which would result in strong and high efficiency filter media with higher dust holding capacity at low pressure drop.


The process can handle high operating pressures up to 2000 psi, which enables users to spin a wide variety of resins and operate at lower temperatures. The end result is more energy savings and product versatility.

Our patented Spun-Blown® or conventional technology is currently available for the following products...

  • Mask media | N95, ASTM3, BFE, and other grades

  • Battery separator media

  • HVAC filter media | MERV, 6, 8, 11 and 13

  • Wipes media | calendering or point-bonding available

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